Sunday, February 8, 2009

Stevie Wonder? Just had a Cosby moment!

I heard the intro, "Kevin, Joe, Nick, and... Stevie!" I thought, is that their little brother who's in the oatmeal commercial with them?

Now I feel like Denise Huxtable, screaming "Stevie Wonder!" at the top of my lungs. Love that episode... I digress.

The Wonderboy just totally legitimized the Jonas Brothers. Who approached him and asked him to perform Superstitious with these guys? They don't exactly scream "funk" to me. It's really cool that they're playing instruments with such a talented instrumentalist but the vocals leave something to be desired. Still, that was a good TV moment!

He did perform the song with Big Bird... Maybe this was just his way of reminiscing.


  1. That was a great performance. I'm both shocked and surprised!!!

  2. Tell me about it. Am I a fan now? Maybe!

  3. the Jonas Brothers proved they can hang!! I love it!!!!